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1737 - Hymn to God the Father

XI. Hymn to God the Father

1 Hail, Father, whose creating Call
Unnumber'd Worlds attend;
Jehovah, comprehending all,
Whom none can comprehend!
2 In Light unsearchable inthron'd,
Which Angels dimly see;
The Fountain of the God-head own'd,
And foremost of the Three.
3 From thee thro' an eternal Now,
The Son, thine Offspring, flow'd;
An everlasting Father thou,
An everlasting God.
4 Nor quite display'd to Worlds above,
Nor quite on Earth conceal'd;
By wondrous, unexhausted :ove,
To mortal Man reveal'd.
5 Supreme and all sufficient God,
When Nature shall expire,
And Worlds created by thy Nod
Shall perish by thy Fire.
6 Thy Name Jehovah be ador'd
By Creatures without End,
Whom none but Thy essential Word
And Spirit comprehend.

Text Information
First Line:Hail, Father, whose creating Call
Title:Hymn to God the Father
Publication Date:1737

Tune Information
(No tune information)

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