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1735 - "Like Zion’s Steadfast Mount Are They", Уильям Танзир

Уильям Tanzer


Like Zion’s Steadfast Mount Are They

They that trust in the Lord shall be as mount Zion, which cannot be removed, but abideth forever. Psalm 125:1

William Tans’ur (1700-1783)
Words: From The Psalter (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: The United Presbyterian Board of Publication, 1912), number 354.
Music: St. Andrew (Tans’ur)William Tans’ur, 1735 (  ).

Like Zion’s steadfast mount are they
Who in the Lord confide;
Secure, immovable they stand,
Forever to abide.
As round about Jerusalem
The mountains give defense,
Jehovah is His people’s guard,
Their lasting confidence.
No tyrant’s scepter o’er the good
Shall undisturbed abide,
Lest righteous men, oppressed by wrong,
To evil turn aside.
O Thou Jehovah, to the good
Thy goodness now impart,
Thy lovingkindness show to them
That upright are in heart.
All those that turn from righteousness
With wayward, wand’ring feet,
With sinners God will lead them forth,
The sinner’s doom to meet.
O Thou who art Thy people’s shield,
Their helper and their guide,
Upon them let Thy grace and peace
Forevermore abide.

The Day Has Dawn'd, JEHOVAH Comes
Священный. Гимн. Клавиатуры. а капелла.
(Пo 535 (3rd P) C.M. New York 33 Prov.)

     College 10 A song in prospect of the Abolition of the Slave Trade
     'Detested crime! of vices first, Most infamous, and most accurs'd!'

         1 The day has dawn'd, Jehovah comes
            To crush oppression's rod;
            Now Ethiopia soon shall stretch
            Her hands to thee, O God!

         2  Where'er the sun doth rise or set,
            Or spread his bounteous ray,
            May freedom with her glorious train,
            Hurl slavery away!

         3 Let charity, benevolence,
            And ev'ry smiling grace,
            In golden links of brotherhood
            Unite the human race.

         4 Then, brilliant as the mid-day sun,
            And as the ocean wide,
            Christ in the chariot of his grace
            Triumphantly shall ride.

        5  Tyrants no more shall lift the scourge,
            Nor captives drag the chain;
            Millions, beatified, shall bless
            The dear Redeemer's reign.

        6  Then every colour,every clime
            Shall in his worship meet;
            And bring their prayers, their praise, their
            All, An offering at his feet.

        7* 'Lord, for those days we wait; those days
             Are in thy word foretold;
             Fly swifter, sun and stars, and bring
             This promis'd age of gold.

         8  Amen, with joys divine, let earth's
             Unnumber'd myriads cry;
             Amen, with joy divine, let heav'n's
             Unnumber'd choirs reply.'

        The following plain verse to be sung first by the people
        of colour, and then by the whole congregation.

         9  Free us from sin and all its chains,
             The worst of slavery ;
             Bind us to Christ in holy bonds,
             The sweetest liberty.

          *Verses 7 and 8 from the selection were not sung.

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